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About Prostate Massage

Historically prostate massage was a popular therapeutic maneuver used to treat prostatitis. It was predominently used before 1960.

Ongoing research in the medical communities,[1][2] has resulted in published articles in non-medical circles,[3][4] in addition to anecdotal evidence on the Internet which shows that there is still interest in the technique as alternative therapy. This is based upon the fact that in many prostatitis cases antibiotics have failed to be effectve.

In 2008 a survey of 627 urologists in China found that prostate massage is used prevalently as a nonpharmacological therapy for chronic prostatitis.[5]

It should be noted that prostate massage can be risky when not performed properly. Vigorous prostate massage is documented to cause consequences that are life-threatening: periprostatic hemorrhage,[6] cellulitis, Fournier's gangrene,[7] septicaemia, possible disturbance and metastasis of prostate cancer to other parts of the body, and hemorrhoidal flare-up.[8]

Information about prostate massage performed as a medical procedure can be found at this external link:

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It should be noted that this website or any affilliated websites do not endorse prostate massage. This information is provided for the purpose of providing information on this topic.

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